MyCO Living – LES ARTS


The co-living building has eight sunny, exterior apartments each with two double rooms and shared areas, including a terrace balcony, lounge, dining room, entrance hall, and bathroom.


The rooms are perfectly equipped for your arrival. You don’t need to bring anything, not even a pillow. In LES ARTS, you’ll find your perfect room.


Services and furniture: You will have a 135cmx195cm bed with a high quality, viscoelastic mattress, a set of sheets and quilt, a desk chair, a night mat, and cushions. The room has been thoughtfully designed and can be locked for privacy.


Through the large window equipped with wooden shutters, you can access the terrace and enjoy the sunset.


The charming, open kitchen is accessible from the lounge and has domestic appliances of every kind to help you enjoy cooking. It has a four-ring ceramic hob and a large window allowing for natural light.


Commodities include a fridge-freezer, microwaves, a sink, Italian coffee maker, washing machine, dishwasher, and many utensils including tableware, cutlery, glassware (including wine glasses), wooden chopping board, and a trolley for fruit and veg – so all in all, everything you could need.


We also provide cleaning products.


Each apartment houses a personalised, beautiful space for socialising and eating. It has two areas: a comfortable living room with a 3-seater chaise longue designer sofa, a rug and a beautiful low beech wood table, a magazine rack, and a vintage floor lamp. The perfect place to share moments and conversations. Secondly, the space has a dining area with a large wooden table for 4 people and matching chairs for eating, working, or maybe playing board games – whatever you like.


The whole room has been carefully designed with tasteful details, such as the raffia ceiling lamps and the photographs with traditional Valencian symbols and motifs on the walls. It also has a large window, which, on the first floor, gives way to a large private terrace housing tables and chairs – the ideal environment for a quiet breakfast or to sunbathe in Valencia’s soft afternoon sun.


Everything is designed to make your stay as comfortable and productive as possible.


Each apartment has a spacious bathroom, complete with a toilet, sink, storage unit, waste bin, washing basket, mirror, and a waterfall shower with an enclosing screen.


Plus we have a generous supply of cotton towels, both for bathing and washing.


Gel, shampoo, toilet paper, and soap are all included. What more could you need?


The MyCO LES ARTS building has sunny outdoor terraces at the front of the building that are connected to the private rooms of the apartments, as well as large terraces outside the living room of the two flats on the first floor. All of them are equipped with teak wood tables and chairs for you to enjoy breakfast or dinner in the open air. It is the perfect place to read a book or relax on beautiful Valencian days.


The terraces built attached to the private rooms have a beautiful view of the nearby square and streets of the Monteolivete neighbourhood (district of Quatre Carreres), which is known for its lively, traditional Valencian flavour. The living room terraces on the first floor offer a view of the designer flats at the back of the building. Both are perfect for moments of tranquillity and relaxation.


We check that all co-livers meet our requirements and are suitable for a professional and mature environment, so there’s no need to worry about who you’ll be moving in with. Just be excited!


We have 4 spaces at different premium times in Valencia so you can choose where to stay at any time, also next to Valencia beach!


Exclusive Activities and Events Plan for our communities.


We have services such as personalized cleaning, catering, gaming material, transfers, coworking and bike rental with partners, etc. Check prices with advantages for MyCO colivers.


Additional administrative services (management of residence permits, opening of bank accounts, etc.). Prices consult.


We have flexible rental options according to needs from €750 (consumption costs apart).

We will not request a lot of documentation, guarantees or large deposits, in an easy and comfortable way for you.

In addition, with a longer rental commitment on your part, it will allow us to offer you better prices.

MyCO Living

Estimated total cost per month
  • Rent 750€
  • Amenities
  • Washing and drying
  • Cleaning
  • Provisions
  • WiFi
  • Co-working


Estimated total cost per month
  • Rent 800€
  • Amenities 30€
  • Washing and drying ??
  • Cleaning 50€
  • Provisions 65€
  • WiFi 45€
  • Co-working 170€


Estimated total cost per month
  • Rent 1445€
  • Amenities
  • Washing and drying 120€
  • Cleaning
  • Provisions
  • WiFi
  • Co-working 170€

Hotel ***

Estimated total cost per month
  • Rent 1734€
  • Amenities
  • Washing and drying 120€
  • Cleaning
  • Provisions
  • WiFi
  • Co-working 170€


Availability: All year round | Minimum contract length: 1 month | Payment: made on a month by month basis | Minimum age: 21 years of age | Notice of cancellation: Please see the operating policy of the space | Refunds for cancellation: 30 days or more before arrival | Must be observed: Rules of the house and COVID vaccine certificate provided before arrival | Summer prices and during festivals: Please request