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650€ /m


PQ7 is our first house in Valencia. We chose this space because it is the perfect place for visiting professionals and students in the city. It is located right in the historic centre of Valencia, next to the Ciutat Vella (the old town) and the financial district. Surrounded by the best shops on the so-called “Golden Mile” high-street, it is right by some of the city’s most famous landmarks: the cathedral and its iconic bell tower, the Plaza del Patriarcha, the Palace and museum of the Marqués de Dos Aguas, and Valencia’s most famous theatre. While the house has excellent public transport connections via metro and bus, it is also within walking distance of the city centre.


Our house boasts 250m² of unique design and large rooms with natural light. You can enjoy magnificent views of the Museum of Marqués de Dos Agua (a stately mansion) and the famous Plaza del Patriarca from the panoramic windows in all the rooms. Or you could take a break on the terrace, equipped with co-working spaces if you’re working remotely. Or if you prefer, grab a bite to eat in our dreamy kitchen. We’ve included everything you need to feel at home – you just need to bring your suitcase.


The house is near the Plaza del Patriarca and the Palace of Marqués de Dos Aguas, in Valencia’s best shopping district.There are bus stops just across the road and on the nearby street La Paz. The nearest metro station (Colon) is just five minutes away which also has a nearby taxi rank.


The house boasts heating and air conditioning in each room, which you can adjust to your pleasing. You’ll enjoy panoramic views of central Valencia and enormous wardrobes. It has hardwood and parquet flooring, and a huge surface area compared to the average flat in Valencia. You’ll have everything you need to work, relax, and enjoy.


Everything’s ready for you. You just need to bring your suitcase!


You’ll have your room prepared perfectly for your arrival. You don’t need to bring anything, not even a pillow. In PQ7 we have five rooms, some shared and some private, with options for an ensuite and a room by the terrace depending on your price range and availability.


Included: foam mattresses and viscoelastic foam cushions, two sets of sheets and duvet, 3 sets of towels, chest of drawers, wardrobes, working desk with a chair and adjustable lamp, and also pouffes, sofas, decorations, bedside tables, cushions and chairs inside the room (depending on the specific room) as well as private (locked) wardrobes and an access door.


Our large kitchen has the latest domestic appliances with a large countertop so you can cook solo or in a group and, of course, a four-ring ceramic hob. There is also a large wooden table that can be a place to eat, work or socialize. The kitchen is the centre for a community meal, a quick bite by yourself, or conversations into the night with a glass of wine (or whatever your drink of choice).


  • The kitchen has a double stainless steel fridge, microwaves built-in ovens, two large sinks, a Nespresso coffee machine, and all the utensils and cutlery you could need. Not to mention designer kitchenware and chopping boards.


  • Also included: waste and recycling bags


  • Security: We have security cameras in all communal spaces and a concierge on duty from Monday to Friday at the entrance of the building


The bright central sitting room is our main co-working and living space. The large, spacious room has two main workspaces: a large table and a high bar table made from marble and hardwood, both with ample room to work on. The table, with six workspaces, can also be used as the main space for eating or socializing. This space also includes a central area to share conversations and memories with three sofas and a precious circular table. The room has been meticulously designed with designer touches and taste. And it leads to a sunny terrace with a view of one of the most beautiful and up-and-coming parts of the city.


When you arrive, everything will be prepared so you can be as comfortable and productive as possible.


The house has three bathrooms, so you’ll never have to wait too long.

We supply all toilet paper, soap and waste bins. What more do you need?



PQ7 also has an annexe on the kitchen with a washer and dryer where you can clean your clothes at no extra cost. We also have a sink for quicker, shorter washes. We have individual washing baskets for dirty clothes, wardrobes for ironed clothes and a recycling bin.


PQ7 has two sunny terraces facing the street. The biggest of the two is just outside the co-living and co-working space and has a table and wooden chairs where you can enjoy a meal in the sun or a chat amongst co-livers. This is also the perfect place to read a book or to get to know your neighbours in Valencia’s beautiful daylight. The second terrace is by one of the house’s bedrooms and offers a stunning view of the Plaza del Patriarca, once the site of Valencia’s old university, and now fully refurbished and embellished with trees.


We check that all co-livers meet our requirements and are suitable for a professional and mature environment, so there’s no need to worry about who you’ll be moving in with. Just be excited!


We have 4 spaces at different premium times in Valencia so you can choose where to stay at any time, also next to Valencia beach!


Exclusive Activities and Events Plan for our communities.


We have services such as personalized cleaning, catering, gaming material, transfers, coworking and bike rental with partners, etc. Check prices with advantages for MyCO colivers.


Additional administrative services (management of residence permits, opening of bank accounts, etc.). Prices consult.


We have flexible rent options according to your needs


We don’t ask you for many documents, guarantees, or large deposits


And if you commit to staying long term, we can offer you better prices.

MyCO Living

Estimated total cost per month
  • Rent 650€
  • Amenities
  • Washing and drying
  • Cleaning
  • Provisions
  • WiFi
  • Co-working


Estimated total cost per month
  • Rent 800€
  • Amenities 30€
  • Washing and drying ??
  • Cleaning 50€
  • Provisions 65€
  • WiFi 45€
  • Co-working 170€


Estimated total cost per month
  • Rent 1445€
  • Amenities
  • Washing and drying 120€
  • Cleaning
  • Provisions
  • WiFi
  • Co-working 170€

Hotel ***

Estimated total cost per month
  • Rent 1734€
  • Amenities
  • Washing and drying 120€
  • Cleaning
  • Provisions
  • WiFi
  • Co-working 170€


Availability: All year round | Minimum contract length: 1 month | Payment: made on a month by month basis | Minimum age: 21 years of age | Notice of cancellation: Please see the operating policy of the space | Refunds for cancellation: 30 days or more before arrival | Must be observed: Rules of the house and COVID vaccine certificate provided before arrival | Summer prices and during festivals: Please request